Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey

All airline services require customer feedback to progress so does Indigo, hence fill in the Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey on this to allow them to progress!

About Indigo

Indigo is a service of airline that is based in India and has its headquarters located in a Gurgoan Haryana. The company is offering a successful service in 40 places and is particularly famous in India that flies with almost 679 daily in its 40 destinations. It has grown into the second largest airline company in Asia.

Step by Step Procedure to complete the online Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey

Take your computer and get it in connection with your Wi-Fi access and then you should have travelled once with Indigo to be able to fill the survey. Do not tear apart your ticket and keep it safe till you complete the Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Now obey the step wise instructions to finish the entire Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey:

  1. Visit the web link ahead to open the official home page for the Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey
  2. The browser installed on your device will show you the main page for the Indigo Customer Satisfaction
  3. Read the terms and rules presented to know how to legally become a part of the Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey
  4. Select the language choices from between these options: English and French.
  5. Tell about the way you brought the ticket, ticket type you purchased and tell all the details of your purchase
  6. Select for the type of receipt you have
  7. Find and click the button for “CONTINUE”
  8. State the code of the serial number as given on your Indigo airline ticket or receipt
  9. State your exact age and the date when you recently purchased the ticket.
  10. Now you may answer all the questions asked in the Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey with full honesty.
  11. Visit the official website at to know further about the details on Indigo.

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