Hertz Customer Satisfaction Survey

Get an exciting discount on your next rental car service simply by completing the online Hertz Customer Satisfaction Survey at the URL www.hertzsurvey.com.

Step by Step Procedure for filling the Hertz Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you have tried using the car rental service from Hertz then you should tell your experience details at the online Hertz Customer Satisfaction Survey which you can successfully complete if you read and follow the step by step set of directions stated below:

  1. In the first step you must click the URL given ahead to display the official Hertz Customer Satisfaction Survey page www.hertzsurvey.com.
  2. Hertz Customer Satisfaction Survey page will instantly be accessed from your device’s home browser.
  3. Once you are staring at the Hertz Customer Satisfaction Survey then hit the link that says “click here to take the survey” to proceed
  4. State the record ID based on 9 numbers in its given slot
  5. See your recent purchase receipt from last rental service to find the record ID
  6. Hit the arrow that represents “next” to move to the Hertz Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  7. Then state the access code comprising of 5-7 digits in the given field before completing the survey
  8. Give a rating for the standard of services in Hertz rental service.
  9. Then when you have reached the end of the Hertz Customer Satisfaction Survey you will be granted access to a redemption code
  10. Copy this code and use to redeem a discount on your future Hertz rental car
  11. Last step is to make sure you answered all questions and submit your Hertz Customer Satisfaction Survey.

About Hertz

Hertz is one of the leading car service companies at airports and operates as a large company serving millions of passengers every day.  They operate under the leadership of Hertz Global Holdings and offers their services in more 8500 places in around 150 countries across the globe.
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