1. Terms
  2. Whenever you will make use of your installed web browser to gain access to the CustomerSatisfactionSurveys.org website you will automatically be under a binding by the Terms of Use outlined in this document in extension to other relevant rules and terms that may be applied in such events. Each user should notify that with this Terms of Use document every visitor of the website is expected to perform all activities in compliance with the Terms of Use legal rules each time they visit the website.

    In case you think that you cannot comply with any of the rules in this Terms of Use document your access and view to the CustomerSatisfactionSurveys.org website will be conserved and in some cases it might completely be prohibited. Furthermore, it should also be noted that every picture, material and content posted on the website is safeguarded by copyright bindings.

  3. License of Use
  4. If any visitor wishes to download any of the content or materials from CustomerSatisfactionSurveys.org they will only be allowed to conduct the download process once. The user also should take oath that he/she would only make use of the downloaded content or images for personal reasons and not for any commercially oriented intents. Also, all the users should make sure that this document of Terms of Use is not any sort of entitlement but rather is a grant of license under which you are not permitted to conduct the following acts:

    • You must not change or copy any of the content, images from org
    • You cannot use the materials at org for any profit generating agendas
    • You are not allowed to erase any trademark signs, logos or notations published on org
  5. Limitations
  6. CustomerSatisfactionSurveys.org and all of its connected third party websites under any events cannot be asked to take liability or responsibility for any type of changes or disruption to the content posted on the website. This comprise of factual data, modifications to profits and other types of damage to the images and content or any limitations to make use of the relevant content of CustomerSatisfactionSurveys.org even if the concerned person has made a verbal or written announcement regarding it.

  7. Links
  8. CustomerSatisfactionSurveys.org also cannot be held liable in case of any damaged content publications on any of the third party websites because CustomerSatisfactionSurveys.org makes no claims for complete accuracy on the materials posted on third party company websites. Make sure that CustomerSatisfactionSurveys.org does not incorporate any kind of endorsements from any of the third party companies and if a visitor chooses to use the content from these websites than it will be completely on their own risk.

  9. Modifications to Site Terms of Use
  10. CustomerSatisfactionSurveys.org can modify the contents of the document of Terms of Use at any point in time without any prior notifications and each time you make use of CustomerSatisfactionSurveys.org you are instantly bound by the terms of use.