launched this website project with two major frontier agendas, one being publishing the blogs answering the queries of all users looking for answers for online survey completion and second on protecting the rights of privacy and personally identifying information of all the users and visitors. Privacy of the users is an important and sensitive matter hence team has designed a comprehensive set of rules in this document of privacy policy which will be strictly applicable to all its users.

The following privacy policy is simple to comprehend and gives an insight to all of its users on how would select to use, collect, share and analyze any personal data that is gathered from the users by

Consequently, it is important that you must meticulously read the following privacy policy each time you choose to visit the website of

  • Under any kind of event that org would choose to gather any sort of personal information from its visitors, each user will be in detailed told about every reason and intent for which the particular information is being asked from them by the website.
  • has organized a team whose only job description is to assemble and make use of the collected personal data to only complete all the reasons and intents that were told to the user when the particular information was being gathered by however under some special circumstances the information can be used only if the consent is being granted by the user.
  • It should also be kept in mind that will only retain the personal data of its users for a time period that it serves the outlined purposes for which it was gathered.
  • All the personally identifying information collected by will be done under legal and lawful means with a justified reason that too after has gained the consent of the user once the user has been informed of all the reasons for which the data is collected.
  • will do everything under legal means to successfully protect and preserve the collected personal information from its users that too with strict measures against any sort of digital stealing or accidental deletion.
  • also uses many types of advertisements on its website from third party entities for the reason of running its softwares but during this process these third party entities utilizes cookies and web beacons which lets them gain access to the users information such as internet provider, type of browser etc.

The team is completely dedicated to conduct its business according to the stated policies in order to ensure that the privacy and confidentiality of the collected information is efficiently preserved without any loopholes.